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        Shen Zhen Datek Technology Co.,Ltd.  was founded in 2007, specializing in electronic components sales agents, and provide technical support and professional services for customers. The registered capital of the enterprise is 20 million RMB, the existing employees are 100, the office area is 3000 square meters, and the sales volume in 2017 reaches 200 million RMB.
         Datek agent Darfon, Fenghua, YAGEO, SAMSUNG, TAIYO, Sunlord, Uniroyal, TAI-TECH, Wenshan, Blue, Rocket, DIYI, ST, JIFU, Headcon, AVX and other domestic and foreign well-known brand components.
        The main products include Datek SMD capacitors, RF RF capacitors, high voltage capacitors, car capacitors, aluminum electrolytic capacitor, solid electrolytic capacitors, tantalum capacitors, SMD resistor; vehicle gauge resistance, anti - SMD resistors, adjustable resistor, SMD beads, laminated high-frequency inductor, power inductor, magnetic alloy magnetic glue adhesive power integrated inductor, inductance, magnetic ring inductance; zener diode, Schottky, bridge rectifiers, transistors, MOS, IC, TVS, power management ESD protection devices and other electronic components.
        Datek key customer service groups have field Netcom, home appliances, intelligent Home Furnishing, tablet, notebook computer, mobile power supply, power supply, security, automotive electronics, new energy, electricity, module, audio, smart watch bracelet, drones and other electronic.
        Datek management software, the efficient use of the material scanning inspection, position management, storage, automatic scanning scanning system, automatic label printing customer review customer label, to achieve zero error, order delivery can meet the customer's delivery 100%.
        Datek has strong customer management and service system, the service standard is "build Dong'ao execution" customer demand in the first time!
        Datek will continue to work, to help our customers in the electronics industry enterprises!
        Datek goal: to create the world service best electronic components supply platform!
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